Chasewell Playgroup

Chasewell Playgroup is a registered charity, managed by a team of volunteers who make up the committee and a playgroup manager, who is supported by the deputy and the passionate and dedicated team of staff. It cares for children from 2 ½ to school age.

The Playgroup is based at Chasewell Community Centre, which provides a large indoor space and a small garden area for the children to learn in. It is a pack away setting and therefore the environment is set up to meet the interests and needs of the children. We aim to inspire the children through fun, child led activities, great teaching and using the EYFS.

In addition to our team we are lucky to have a supportive committee that is made up by volunteers. The committee supports the playgroup in a variety of ways, working closely with the staff to provide the best provision we can. 

Chasewell Playgroup
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